Maxum Industrial, LLC has provided fabrication and technical resources on several of our engineering projects over the last few years. Many of these systems were for high purity and demanding high temperature applications. These projects involved weld fabrications, machining, and equipment installations. Maxum Industrial, LLC paid close attention to project details and met our deadlines in cooperation with our final customer. We are very pleased with Maxum’s “can do” attitude that helped us bring our industrial projects to a profitable completion. We value Maxum as a key resource. Alecto Systems Tom Todaro Technical Director

HW Farren COHW Farren Co. Inc.
Maxum Industrial, LLC has designed and produced for H. W. Farren Co., Inc., frames to be used for aircraft and equipment transport, including some headed overseas. Rob has done work for us here at our warehouse as well as on-site in Connecticut, where we required on-the-spot precision work on our equipment. From design to assembly to welding, the output is an expert product every time! Maxum goes the distance! H. W. Farren Co., Inc., Phil Antonucci President